This year I set a goal to blog every two weeks at least, as you can probably tell I am really bad about getting around to that. I have always joked that I am so bad at blogging I haven’t even posted my “Sorry for not blogging enough” post. This is that, and a promise to post more.

What to expect?

Well, an introduction seems appropriate but will have to come later. I would like to have some longer tech posts about tools I use or how I get things done. There may also be a lot of smaller posts, or quick shares, because I have a propensity to find fun and exciting content on the web. Particularly GIFs but also new tech, tools, code, music, inspirations etc.

I definitely want to work on this blog as a whole. I have meant to learn more of what WordPress is capable of, static site generators like Jekyll, other CMSes that have the potential to become project starters like OctoberCMS, and all of the ideas which I have flooding my mind on the regular. I certainly have no shortage of possible content, but rather a limit of time for personal projects like this.