Welcome, these are a few of the projects I’ve worked on. I’ve tried to include a few details about each project, but if you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

Astro Cloudflare Error Pages

Cloudflare supports custom error pages, so you can style them to look on brand. You just have to host them somewhere for Cloudflare to grab a copy and cache them. With AstroJS and Github pages, it’s easy to host these pages and style them too.

Who Knows LOL

Back when I was on IRC more frequently, another developer, Chris White, came up with the idea for a more intense shrug emoji for when you really don’t know. He created it initially and I added some fun effects like wrapping into block and automatically copying the shrug once you’ve set it.

Is it daylight saving?

I’ve often caught myself wondering if were in the saving time or not. I created this site to check based on the user’s browser timezone if currently the time is saving or standard. view source at GitHub

2023 NYE countdown for AdaFruit EyeLights LED Glasses

A fork from willgorman I updated the countdown code to work for the current year and changed the colors. Did a bit of cleaning up too, including the libraries.

Laravel Elixir Livereload

Created this NPM package to use livereload in elixir back when that was used. Elixir was changed to Mix shortly after I created this package.